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IMPORTANT NOTICE for the event in Valley21:

The event planned for the 16th of July 2016 is canceled.

The Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra will now be playing George
Enescu's ''Romanian Rhapsody'' in the fields amongst the sheep in the month September 2016 in

As soon as we have a new date it will be posted on our website.

Location: Valley21 Vama Buzăului, Brasov County


Dear Visitor,

Clearly you have found the website that we call ”We are Building the Future in Vama Buzăului’’.

Mark Koops introduces Vama Buzaului your new community”We” are many people. This is not about a particular organization; it is about a friendship with a municipality in Transylvania, Romania.

The municipality lies at the very center of the country, in the beautiful nature of the Carpathian Mountains near the city of Brasov.

On this site you will find some of the history that we have with them. On of the things that you will see is the project ‘’Valley21’’, a unique low density ecological, self-sufficient resort. This is a joint venture with the municipality.

But many more things are taking place as you will see on the site.

We are excited about the fact that we have been invited to contribute to their new strategic plan that Romanian municipalities are obliged to renew every 5 years.

This new strategic plan will be based on social-economic improvements based on keeping the values that still exist in this village: 3500 people living in traditions since roman times, a people that is proud of its nature and ecology, a people that still live a communal sense in an ancient pastoral social economy, with traditional values that have been obliterated elsewhere.

Can Vama Buzăului build a new model of living on earth, synchronic with values of traditions, culture and nature and at the same time build a prosperity that-makes-sense without being succumbed by forces of the global economy?

Mark Koops

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